GMS6775 ASD Treatment & Intervention


This course is a comprehensive review of the principles of evidence-based medical and non-medical practice in the treatment and intervention of autism spectrum disorder, with a focus on both pre-school and school-age children.


After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a plan for implementing evidence-based practices for an individual with ASD given presenting characteristics
  • Explain how to use preventative strategies to create a supportive learning environment for individuals with ASD
  • Use the principles of applied behavior analysis to assess and program for the challenging behaviors of individuals with ASD
  • Identify communication and language challenges often associated with individuals with autism and implement appropriate strategies to foster the development of language and social skills in both structured and naturalistic learning situations
  • Describe several well-known teaching programs for autism, including explaining the pros and cons of each methodology
  • Compare, contrast and evaluate evidence-based medical treatments in ASD


GMS6775 ASD Treament and Intervention