GMS6776 Neurobiology (Biomedical Aspects) of ASD


This course focuses on the complex factors that contribute to the development and characteristics associated with ASD.  It covers genetics, neuropathology, structural and functional brain changes as indexed by neuroimaging, risk factors, biomarkers and relevant animal models.


After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish the core features, associated conditions and co-morbid disorders associated with ASD
  • Classify the multiple lines of evidence that support a genetic etiology of ASD
  • Identify risk factors for ASD
  • Identify key biomarkers from both peripheral systems as well as the central nervous system associated with ASD
  • Classify key brain regions and neural circuitry by the core features associated ASD
  • Illustrate key neurobiological mechanisms that appear to mediate the development of ASD-like behaviors that have been identified from specific animal models of ASD


GMS6776 Neurobiology (Biomedical Aspects) of ASD